Affiliate Marketing:Is affiliate marketing even real?

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates(you and I) for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.  

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways people make money online and for some it can be a passive income once established. Using affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to create an income for yourself online. It’s also one of the fastest ways to make commissions.

So what’s the big deal about affiliate marketing? First, you can start promoting/marketing immediately. You can make money promoting the things you are passionate about in a profitable niche. You can start promoting immediately.

In the case of blogging, a good blogger and affiliate will build a number of different marketing channels to promote content. As a blogger, you will become an affiliate of your selected company(s) via an affiliate network or direct from the business. You make money by placing a link, button or banner within a blog post that will lead the readers to that affiliate product or service.

There are 10 steps that I have found to be the base of being a great affiliate marketer.

  1. Make a Decision. Do not give up !!
  2. Choose a niche that you are interested in..make sure it is profitable
  3. Choose a program or product you believe in or want to learn about
  4. Choose a platform to market on.. dominate it
  5. Create a personal brand and provide value in your content
  6. Do not give up!!!
  7. Commit to your business..learn more and personally develop more skills
  8. Take aggressive action..promote, promote, promote
  9. Do not give up!!
  10. Don’t give up!

If you made it to the end.. wonderful and thank you. I would like to give you a book packed with over 50 affiliate marketing tips and strategies. Hit the link below.

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You! CAN Make $$$ Online

You Can Too!!

Greetings Wealth Seeker. My name is T from TQ Xclusives and I would like to help you build a passive income online as an Affiliate Marketer. Millions of people are already being paid millions passively from online and You Can Too!. I am all about learning it, working it, and sharing it. If you’re looking for how to(s), step by step(s), and where to implement this information; please subscribe and start your financial independence journey now.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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About TQ Xclusives

My name is Tameak Thomas-Johnson and I am a work at home mom, internet marketer, and a work from home advocate.

I have started a new online chapter and thought; Why not share the opportunities you have been introduced to over the years, and here we are. I help people find ways to turn their work from home jobs into a business. I also promote heavily the fact of affiliate marketing.

Why do this?

  • When you give of yourself; Blessings always find you.
  • Helping others make money, makes me money.

I am an introverted people person if that makes any sense. I find joy in sharing information and uplifting others. The internet is just a broader stage for me to do just that.

I look forward to working with you in the near future. Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. You learn something new everyday. Together we will make your pockets great again. 🙂

Affiliate Marketing: Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

Can Affiliate Marketing make you rich? The short answer is yes! The long answer is a bit more complex, hence the article. Keep in mind only YOU can make YOU rich. I am only showing you one of the ways.

With any home income business journey, success comes not so much from what you choose to do to make the money, but whether or not you do what needs to be done correctly and consistently.

Affiliates can earn extra money and even a full-time income from home.  The reality in affiliate marketing is- like most other work-at-home ventures; there are a few who are filthy rich, a good number of people who are successful enough to meet their goals, and a ton of people who aren’t making anything.

4 Earning Brackets of Affiliate Marketing

  • Beginner Affiliate – Losing money
  • Low Level Affiliate – Earning $0 up to $100/day
  • Intermediate Affiliate – Earning $100/day up to $1000/day
  • High-Ticket Affiliate – Earning anything above $1000/day

Keep in mind I am speaking about profit, and not revenue…This highlights one of the rarer laws of affiliate marketing ; Revenue is Vanity, while Profit is Sanity.

One of the biggest misconceptions about affiliate marketing is that it’s a ‘get- rich- quick’ scheme.  Sorry guys, it’s not. Affiliate Marketing is just like any business – it takes education, time, and effort to gather momentum and grow. You should invest the time to read as much as you can about affiliate marketing, watch videos, and take relevant online courses so as to keep yourself current on all the trends.

A few of the affiliate marketing/ internet marketing millionaires I follow for education, tools, and information are John Crestani, Nathan Lucas, Charles Ngo, and Franklin Hatchett. These men have given up the 9-5 rut, and college dreams to become millionaires through the internet, mainly by affiliate marketing. You can too.

One advantage of affiliate marketing is there’s no upfront financial investment required to join most affiliate networks. Most affiliate networks will work on commission and will not charge you any fees upfront, allowing you to start promoting and earning faster.

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept. You make money by sending customers to someone else. However, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. You will need Desire, Education, Time and Dedication to gain passive Compensation.

Often we hear as new affiliates, that we should start small with promoting low ticket products. I say Hell No! It takes just as much time and effort to promote a high ticket product. Why not start big and make the most profit for all your spent time. It’s just common sense and easy math.

One thing I’ve learned is that all affiliate marketers promote more than one product/service. The term is multiple streams of income. Once you set an affiliate marketing opportunity in motion, it stands to make you money for years. If done correctly, a few weeks of affiliate marketing can provide you multiple streams of passive income for years.

 We are truly helping customers out there reach goals, products, or services that they need, for personal or business related aspects. For some, this is the help they need to have a better life or to solve a problem. So, not only are their financial gains to affiliate marketing, but social gains as well.

Yes! Affiliate Marketing Works. Yes! Affiliate Marketing can make you RICH. Yes! Affiliate Marketing is Worth It.

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

Affiliate Marketing: The Cinderella Solution

Cindy Solution

Ladies, I have to be honest here. I would be considered part of the “skinny girl” group when it comes to weight. Why the hell are you promoting a weight loss product? – I know you’re asking. It’s quit simple, it has helped a few of my family members achieve their weight loss goals – and now I want to help you.

Cinderella Solution is primarily designed for women ages 40-65. We have a number of customers in their 30s also, and a number of customers over 65 as well. The sweet spot is around 40-60 years old.

Men, although this program is formulated for women, who knows, it may work for you. Never – the – Less- Men keep reading, there may be a special woman in your life that can use a positive boost. She would greatly appreciate it.

“Cindy” Is The New #1 Offer on Clickbank! 

Cinderella Solution has sold over 420 units this month alone. Cindy has reached the number one spot for the health & fitness – diets & weight loss categories on Clickbank.

This Odd “CARB trick” burns up to 1LB per DAY

If you’re like most people… you diet, you count calories, you tear up the treadmill, and NOTHING. That’s how one overweight mother with prediabetes was feeling. She did “everything right” and never lost an inch.

 Until…She stumbled on this strange “carb trick” and burned away an unheard of 22 pounds in just 13 days!  Because of this one simple shift in her eating, she lost the weight without starving herself, and without a lick of exercise!

With the same “carb trick” she dropped a total of 37lbs in the FIRST month!; Shocked her doctor by completely reversing ANY prediabetic symptoms!

You won’t even believe her final result so I won’t bother telling you. However you can see for yourself on this page.

This article contains affiliate links. If any purchases are made, I may get a small commission. Rapid weight loss is not guaranteed by any entity of TQ Xclusives.

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Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Accepted Into An Affiliate Network

Here you are, new to affiliate marketing, revving up for your first campaign. Research is done, you’ve chosen your niche, and applied to a couple of affiliate marketing networks.

Now you’ve waited a few days, and finally a response… “We’re sorry to inform you…your application has been denied.” Every single network says the same thing – You’re not doing enough volume or they want to only work with more experienced people. (It feels like trying to get that first job when everyone wants at least 2 years experience; While you have just graduated college.)

What we need to realize is that getting into an affiliate network is kinda like applying for a job or applying for a university. Affiliate networks have increased their standards over the years for who they want to work with. It can be frustrating if you’re brand new and don’t have any experience.

Why Don’t Networks Accept Everyone?

I can only figure two primary reasons to this question: risk and resources.

The Risk: Every affiliate can be a source of profit for the network – every affiliate can also cost the network money. Affiliate networks take a risk every time they accept an affiliate they do not know.

  1. Ultra Aggressive Affiliates –  Every affiliate is aggressive to some degree.  But some of us take it to another level. The networks are defensive because they don’t want to accept an affiliate that can cost them money.  As an affiliate network owner, the last thing you wanna deal with is a lawsuit from Jordan because one of your affiliates is using his images.
  2. Affiliate Fraudsters –    They are the people who make their living scamming affiliate networks. They send some fake leads, get paid, and then get caught. Then they start the process all over again with a different network. Unfortunately, this is why it’s harder to get into an affiliate network if you’re from certain countries.

The Resource: Affiliate managers are an important resource to the network. Helping a newer affiliate figure out how to set up their campaign means less time serving their top affiliate who’s already generating over four figures a day. The last thing they want to deal with is an affiliate that asks hundreds of questions and doesn’t end up bringing in any traffic.

Increasing Your Chances of Getting into a Network

Now that we know what affiliate networks don’t want in an affiliate, we can talk about what they DO want. Of course they’d love to have a super affiliate who does five figures a day out the gate. But that’s rare so affiliate networks have to compromise.

What affiliate networks are mainly looking for are people who have potential, and treat this industry like a business, rather than a side gig or hustle. Affiliate Networks want someone who has a solid plan and isn’t going to need much help through the entire process. If you convey experience and a strong game plan, they will more likely want to work with you.

  1. Take the Application Seriously: Okay- I know, filling out applications is a pain in the ass.  But if you can’t even fill out an application properly, they’re going to wonder if you have the work ethic to run campaigns.
  2. Be Specific with Your Answers: Let’s be frank, people bullshit through applications all the time. You can stand out from the crowd by being more specific with each answer.
  3. Communicate Your Strengths: Have you already generated traffic? You will want to mention which networks you have experience with. What if you’re in a situation where you don’t have any experience, and you haven’t generated any revenue….Still show that you have some potential and a high level of commitment.

What Do They Want?

By understanding where the network is coming from, you can position yourself as an asset to them. Affiliate networks make you go through this application and interview process for a reason.

Always try to create a situation where everyone wins. “in order to get what you want, help others get what they want.” {Charles Ngo}

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Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

How to Increase your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

When it comes to the affiliate marketing arena, you don’t need a website or have to deal with customers, product development, maintenance and refunds to earn money. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to launch an online business and earn money with little to no investment.

If you’re already promoting an affiliate marketing program, what are you looking for from it? Chances are you’d want to double or triple the commissions you’re currently making, but how do you successfully do this?

The first and one of the most important steps is to “Learn All You Can About The Program and Its Products”. There are so many products and services offered in the affiliate marketing world, you can actually choose a niche that works for you.

Keep in mind the two most important things when choosing a niche for affiliate marketing: The niche has a huge margin for profit. You are genuinely interested in the niche you choose.

The goal is to promote an affiliate program that will give you the best possible return in a short amount of time. You’ve picked a niche, now it’s time to pick a product or program that will give you commissions:

• Pick a program with a nice commission structure
• The program pays its affiliate marketers promptly and easily
• The program should have products that meet your target audience’s needs

There are many options for products and programs… Here are some examples of where you can get ideas of what product or program to promote.

MLMs -There are a wide variety of network marketing companies in many different industries.

An Affiliate Market Place -Clickbank is one of most popular affiliate sites out there, but it can also be competitive for a newbie. They have a ton of different things to choose from & I recommend giving them a look.

<a href="
<a href="http://<a href="http://NICKNAME.reseller.hop.clickbank.net&quot; target="_blank">CLICK HERESign Up Here

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – If you want to make big commissions and scale your business faster, then this is where partnering with a high ticket affiliate program would come into play. These types of programs are made for serious entrepreneurs and usually have benefits that an affiliate marketplace doesn’t have.

You have every reason to be choosy, as there are thousands upon thousands of affiliate programs to pick from. The idea is to choose the best one that doesn’t lend itself to wasted time and or investments.

If you’re going to stay ahead of your competition, in the near future develop content such as e-books or reports that you can give away. Yes, you will be competing with many other affiliates that are promoting the same exact program as you. If you develop a short piece of content about the product, you can set yourself apart from affiliates that do not have content.

Your reports and e-books should provide something valuable for your readers to take away. Include recommendations for various products. Believe it or not, you earn your readers’ trust with e-books and reports.

You should consider Email Marketing in your campaigns, because email marketing will help you to reach out to your visitors in a more one-on-one type of setting. It works by collecting and saving your visitor’s email addresses and sending them a link to download a free copy of your e-book or report.

Of course, they’ll need to permit you to send them emails. Be sure to have an opt-in section on your page for them to input their email address. It can take up to six emails before a person becomes a buyer. So, don’t think you’re wasting your time, because you never know when that one email will resonate with your reader. You can also use email to follow-up with your contacts to learn what it is they’re looking for from your service.

Have you heard that people only buy from those who they know, like and trust. Well, that’s the whole idea behind building a brand online. People don’t actually have to know you to like you, trust you and ultimately become a raving fan and buy anything you’re selling.

The “KEY” – They only have to FEEL like they know you.

The importance consistency plays in creating success online cannot be stressed enough. If you truly want to fast track your success, then stick with one main marketing strategy: dominate and perfect it!

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

Affiliate Marketing:Six Figure Mentors(SFM)


Six Figure Mentors is an exclusive private community platform providing tools, training, coaching and mentorship to support our members in creating a life and business that they love. We provide access to over 6500 e-Learning courses in Business, Marketing, Creative and Technology.

There are two routes to earning money online – whether you choose one or both, we’re here to help you succeed:


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ll be able to take the cutting-edge online marketing education we provide to boost your existing marketing strategy and sales efforts. For example, do you understand Attraction Marketing? This know-how is essential to appeal to the modern online audience – it’s all about offering great value instead of ‘hard selling’ people.


SFM offers one of the most easy-to-follow affiliate marketing training opportunities in the world. You’ll learn how to find and sell cutting edge products that have rewarding affiliate programs that you can sign up to.

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Learning can happen anywhere with our apps on your computer, mobile device, and TV. Featuring enhanced navigation and faster streaming for anytime learning.

Choose what you’d like to learn from our extensive subscription library. Learn from industry experts who are passionate about teaching. Switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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Simply stated – given the right know-how and tools, anyone who takes consistent action and puts in the hard work can earn revenue online. Even people who have never owned a business before and are clueless about where to begin.

The reason we can say this as a fact (not a hyped promise) is that the SFM Digital Business System has been expertly designed to show you how to become an effective affiliate marketer – you’ll learn how to make money selling other people’s useful products to a global online audience of over two billion people.

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Choose from our range of SFM Membership options to suit your personal goals. With our Essential Membership, your first month’s fee is included when you sign up. Also don’t forget that whether you join us on the Student, Essential or ELITE level, you’ll have your own personal business system consultant to talk things through and explore the best fit – you can upgrade at any time.

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Whether you’re an existing business owner or an individual looking to create more lifestyle freedom, our education program gives you the marketing know-how to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. We’ve created easy-to-follow modules that are designed to be hands-on and refreshingly engaging. Each step clearly explains the actions needed to take your mindset and business venture to the next level.


One-on-one professional guidance to prevent information overwhelm is what most people are missing when it comes to finding success online. Our system consultants are highly experienced in every aspect of our world-class digital business platform. Think of it like having your own personal fitness trainer – they’re there to help you achieve and exceed your individual goals. As soon as we receive your application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated SFM system consultant to help you along on your entrepreneurial journey.


You won’t just get ‘gold nuggets’ when it comes to our digital marketing training – each time you sign in to watch our high-energy weekly webinars you’ll gain a heap of valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business. Our experts and leaders who host the assorted trainings are already achieving great results, so they can shine the spotlight on how they do it. Get ready for lots of Ah-Ha moments, and also be prepared for some entertaining personalities!


Jump into the SFM Community at any time – you’ll be welcomed with a useful live-chat going on 24/7/365. Our private community is a happening place filled with enthusiastic, helpful people at various stages of their business progression, so you’ll be sure to make friends fast. If you need an instant answer to a question, chat is where it’s at. If you want a live conversation about a particular topic or need to discuss a current challenge you’re facing, the private forum is the way forward. With us, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.


Our friendly, experienced support team is dedicated to helping you unravel any technical issues you run into so your focus can remain on growing your online business. Whether you have a ‘gremlin in the machine’, questions about setup, a bug to report or would like help with an affiliate platform, we’re just a click away and happy to help in any way we can. You’ll have lots of options to reach out and get the assistance you need – live chat, phone support, an expanding knowledge-base and more.


At our popular, high-octane live events, leaders in the SFM Community show up from all corners of the globe to share their secrets of success and tricks of the trade. Held throughout the year in locations around the world, we make sure our live events are easy to get to and deliver nothing less than a dramatic impact on both your business and motivation levels. It’s all about keeping up the momentum!

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Want to know what makes SFM stand out from the crowd, whether our program is compatible with your lifestyle or what being an affiliate is all about? Watch the following short video clips from one of our founders – Stuart Ross – to get answers to these important questions, and more.


Most people live the life they think they have to live. They are unfulfilled, overworked, stressed and stuck in a system that exploits them instead of helping them achieve their highest potential.

If you are ready to break free from the rut and start building the life you want to live, sign up free thru any banner or hyper link today.

{Alert}: Business results will vary depending on the individual. The effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. Also note that the video FAQ with Stuart represents a conversation between friends – for exact facts, please refer to the FAQ text versions found on the site.

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

Affiliate Marketing: How to Choose Profitable Affiliate Programs

When joining affiliate programs, if you’re like me, the basic goal is to make the highest commissions per referral/sign-up. As a beginner, it’s even more imperative to choose the right one.


Let’s remember that affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that allows affiliates(you & I) to earn commissions by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products/programs. The first thing would be to choose a product/program that you are knowledgeable about, or a product/program you would like to learn about.

Affiliate marketing programs can really pay off, earning you a generous, if not lucrative, passive income. Affiliate programs, also called referral programs, tend to be commission-based.

If someone purchases that product, the marketer makes a percentage of the sale. It’s a win/win scenario – the marketer makes a commission; the merchants make a sale.

As with any marketing program out there, you must be mindful of the good and bad ones. You want a program that gives you several ways in which to make money from the traffic you attain.

Rather than selling a product directly to your traffic, you direct them to another site and take some of their profits when a visitor becomes a buyer. While you may be tempted to become an affiliate with high commission programs, you don’t get anything if visitors don’t make a purchase.

5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Affiliate Marketing Program

• Don’t participate in programs that pay out less than 25 percent commissions.

• Learn how payment is made and how often payments are made.

• Go through the statistics page to find out how many sales, clickthroughs and earnings you could get.

• Find programs that provide an array of tools to add to your website – text links, banners, ads and graphics.

• Get involved with a program that offers customer support.

You may have heard horror stories about affiliate networks and programs such as they are pyramid schemes, illegal programs Or, that the market has nothing worthwhile to offer the general public. It makes one wary to just get involved with any affiliate marketing program.

Obviously, you don’t want to get involved with affiliate marketing programs such as these. You want to be involved with an affiliate program that offers something of high value to your website visitors.

After you learn what it takes to become an affiliate marketer and what programs are best, you can earn quite a bit of money. As a beginner marketer, the prospect of money can be strong, but don’t let it overtake you and your sensibility.

As you acquaint yourself with the market, you can branch out and take additional risks that could prove lucrative. With a bit of hard work and some dedication, you can build a strong passive income stream.

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This article contains affiliate links. There is no guarantee of monetary gain.

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

10 Steps to Make a Living Online: Free Report

In this report you will go over 10 steps that will help you in your online venture. The first step to getting anything done is to get started.

Their are hundreds of thousands of people making money online daily; 2% of which are millionaires…yes..millionaires!

Why not be one of those people? It will take effort, determination and time, that’s a fact. Do you know you can be one of those people. FACTS.

Ask yourself – “Are you willing to take the time to build a business up to millionaire status?”. Thought So.

Download your free report and boost your understanding of making money online from home. Start creating the life you’ve always wanted.

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Halki Diabetes Remedy: 2020 Review

Being Diabetic does not mean you have to stop enjoying life. You don’t have to inject yourself for the rest of your life either. In this article, I’d like to share a 60-sec routine that you can develop, that can help you better manage this condition….Without:

  1. Dieting
  2. Crazy Routines
  3. Hours at the Gym
Eric Whitfield

I believe it’s important to know about the author of any program offer before investing. Mr. Eric Whitfield, from New York is the man behind the research. His wife suffered from type 2 diabetes, and after all kinds of conventional treatments that didn’t work, he decided to widen his research.

In doing so, Mr. Whitfield ran across the story of a small Greek island where there are nearly zero (0) cases of diabetes. Researching the ways of the islands inhabitants, he learned about the herbs they used to clean away bodily toxins.

After using this new-found knowledge on his wife, Mr. Whitfield claims that his wife was able to fully recover.

Hear more of Mr. Whitfield’s story here:

Learn how to Lower Blood Sugar with 11 super herbs and spices.


This article contains affiliate links. I have no guarantee on services or products offered.

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

How to Make Money Online For Free: The Best 5 ways

Millions of dollars are being made online on the daily and YOU want in! With 2.1 billion (yes B) people using Facebook, 400 million on Snapchat, 1.2 million using Pintrest, and 500 million using Instagram; Who wouldn’t like to earn a $1 from only about 3% of all that traffic. Bonkers, right!

What makes it even more chilling is that it can happen. You can learn to make money online for free and set-up a passive income that will eventually give you financial freedom. For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true.

The crazy thing is, earning money online doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Internet gurus have been doing it for years, and the majority of online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated. (YEAH!) Like any business venture, your online income will take time to grow.

You need to be willing to devote the time and energy required to get your idea off the ground, and you need grit to stick with it even if your journey is slow starting out. I know you can stick it out. Passive Income is the Goal, No?

My 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing: One of the great things about affiliate marketing is mostly anything you can think of in terms of products or services, you can promote it and make money from it.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on or off-line. Whether you have a website or are still dreaming up ideas for a blog, you can still promote and earn.  you will want to partner with affiliates that are related to your idea/niche. Since I’m an affiliate marketer, I have focused a lot of my affiliate energy on affiliate programs and marketing courses. In addition to signing up for individual affiliate programs, you can also sign up for an affiliate ad network that offers a ton of different affiliates in one place.

Consulting: If you’re an expert in any field, you could potentially find people willing to pay you to counsel them on their personal or business goals. Example; How can “a business” use social media tools like Facebook and Pinterest to grow their brands.  You might think you’re not important enough to consult for big companies, but you could be surprised at the types of expertise people will pay for.  You can charge a flat rate that usually works out to around $100 per hour. And remember, this is pay you can earn to advise people on the best ways to use social media tools.

Freelancing: As a freelancer you can sell your skills to businesses that are now outsourcing some of their needs online. For instance, you can sell your skills as a graphic designer, as a writer or as a programmer, through freelance platforms. Freelance writing is one of the more popular ways of earning money through freelancing. If you have writing skills and creative talent, it’s possible to get paid to create online content. “Content is King”

YouTube:  another platform that has made it possible for people to earn money online is YouTube. There are tons of YouTube channels out there on any topic you can think of, and most of the people with a following are earning money in exchange for their videos and time. YouTube stars brought in $127 million from June 2016 to June 2017, and that was two (2) years ago. We won’t earn that much this soon, however,  you can start making money via YouTube using the platform’s own ad network, your affiliate programs, or by getting sponsored posts. 

Blogging: There are over 4 million blogs or blog posts being posted daily. Many people have and are starting blogging as a profession. People visit blogs to find answers to questions and informational reviews about products. Popular bloggers earn thousands per month by posting advertisements and sponsored articles on their sites, that plenty people are reading. While placing ads onto your blog is one way you get paid, you also have to be creative at advertising yourself. The KEY is traffic. If people in your particular market do not know your blog exists, they are not going to find it and you will not make money. Brutally that simple.

While there is obviously many more ways in making money online, I’ve found these five (5) to be the most popular.  Using the power of the internet, we can now get all the information that we need to learn how to make money online free from the comforts of our home. Almost everything can be learned on the internet and YOU can be one of the teachers.

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

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