Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Accepted Into An Affiliate Network

Here you are, new to affiliate marketing, revving up for your first campaign. Research is done, you’ve chosen your niche, and applied to a couple of affiliate marketing networks.

Now you’ve waited a few days, and finally a response… “We’re sorry to inform you…your application has been denied.” Every single network says the same thing – You’re not doing enough volume or they want to only work with more experienced people. (It feels like trying to get that first job when everyone wants at least 2 years experience; While you have just graduated college.)

What we need to realize is that getting into an affiliate network is kinda like applying for a job or applying for a university. Affiliate networks have increased their standards over the years for who they want to work with. It can be frustrating if you’re brand new and don’t have any experience.

Why Don’t Networks Accept Everyone?

I can only figure two primary reasons to this question: risk and resources.

The Risk: Every affiliate can be a source of profit for the network – every affiliate can also cost the network money. Affiliate networks take a risk every time they accept an affiliate they do not know.

  1. Ultra Aggressive Affiliates –  Every affiliate is aggressive to some degree.  But some of us take it to another level. The networks are defensive because they don’t want to accept an affiliate that can cost them money.  As an affiliate network owner, the last thing you wanna deal with is a lawsuit from Jordan because one of your affiliates is using his images.
  2. Affiliate Fraudsters –    They are the people who make their living scamming affiliate networks. They send some fake leads, get paid, and then get caught. Then they start the process all over again with a different network. Unfortunately, this is why it’s harder to get into an affiliate network if you’re from certain countries.

The Resource: Affiliate managers are an important resource to the network. Helping a newer affiliate figure out how to set up their campaign means less time serving their top affiliate who’s already generating over four figures a day. The last thing they want to deal with is an affiliate that asks hundreds of questions and doesn’t end up bringing in any traffic.

Increasing Your Chances of Getting into a Network

Now that we know what affiliate networks don’t want in an affiliate, we can talk about what they DO want. Of course they’d love to have a super affiliate who does five figures a day out the gate. But that’s rare so affiliate networks have to compromise.

What affiliate networks are mainly looking for are people who have potential, and treat this industry like a business, rather than a side gig or hustle. Affiliate Networks want someone who has a solid plan and isn’t going to need much help through the entire process. If you convey experience and a strong game plan, they will more likely want to work with you.

  1. Take the Application Seriously: Okay- I know, filling out applications is a pain in the ass.  But if you can’t even fill out an application properly, they’re going to wonder if you have the work ethic to run campaigns.
  2. Be Specific with Your Answers: Let’s be frank, people bullshit through applications all the time. You can stand out from the crowd by being more specific with each answer.
  3. Communicate Your Strengths: Have you already generated traffic? You will want to mention which networks you have experience with. What if you’re in a situation where you don’t have any experience, and you haven’t generated any revenue….Still show that you have some potential and a high level of commitment.

What Do They Want?

By understanding where the network is coming from, you can position yourself as an asset to them. Affiliate networks make you go through this application and interview process for a reason.

Always try to create a situation where everyone wins. “in order to get what you want, help others get what they want.” {Charles Ngo}

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