ClicksFly: A URL Shortner

ClicksFly is a link shortening website company based in India that allows you to shorten any non-adult links and share them online to earn money. When a person clicks on one of your links, ClicksFly displays a Google Adsense ad for the person to view before being taken to your offer.

ClicksFly doesn’t show annoying ads to visitors and at the same time it offers the industry’s highest rates to publishers. They are able to provide higher rates because they use Google Adsense ads.

ClicksFly is a newbie when compared to top paid URL shortening services, but it offers very competitive payout rates up to $20 per 1000 views. ClicksFly services work best with websites which have some downloadable content. 

Although, there are various ways to earn money from ClicksFly. You can share your shortened links in different social groups, forums and through referrals. ClicksFly offers a 20% referral commission for life.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register (for free) with ClicksFly.
  2. Select the links that you want to shorten.
  3. Paste the link in the link shortening box on the site.
  4. Once you submit the link, a short link will appear.
  5. Copy and pastes these links in your content, or share on social media platforms.
Free Registration

The Pay

The minimum payout is $3 through PayPal. The company pays monthly, and they process all payments between 25th to 30th of every month.

These are the minimum payouts for each payment method ClicksFly offers:

*PayPal ($3), *Bitcoin ($5), *Payeer ($10), *Bank Transfer ($50), *Paytm ($3), *UPI ($3), *MobiCash/JazzCash ($10), *Payoneer ($55)

Make shorter links, earn money.

You can also use these other services within the site. Quick link- a link where you can add any website link to the end of the quick link and ClicksFly will redirect to that shortened link. Mass Shrinker – here you can shorten up to 20 links at a time, but use it carefully they will disable your account if you abuse this feature. Full Page script – here you can get a full page script with your links which you can use on your website. Developer API – this feature is for website developers. Wish I could explain more on that. Bookmarklet – you can shorten links easily with this toolbar feature.

Overall, ClicksFly is showing to be a contender in the url shortening industry. JOIN NOW AND EARN ON EVERY LINK YOU SHORTEN & SHARE!

Register here for FREE!

Blessings T (TQ Xclusives)

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